What is DaVinci’s Faire anyway?

DaVinci’s Faire is a multi-generational sensory-rich community engagement centered on science, technology, makers, inventors and lifelong learners in a unique open-spaces format.
DaVinci’s Faire can be described in three words: Share ~ Learn ~ Grow.
Every attendee – no matter how old or young – has a story to tell and an expertise to share.
DaVinci’s Faire is a Free Community Event supported by a group of dedicated volunteers, Manatee County Schools, Library services and kept free with the help of our generous sponsors.

Leveraging NOW for the best possible future.

We are a community of passionate learners, entrepreneurs, creatives and brilliant disruptors.
We firmly believe we are living in a new renaissance, one which combines science and technology, art, community, and passion.
Here you will be challenged to create the future you desire.
We are on a mission to elevate our community’s best and brightest into a new era of success.
Here you will find continuous opportunities for connections in business, technology, funding, education, design and more.
What do you have to do? Show up, pay attention and engage. Are you ready to have a blast and feed your mind? Come!

DaVinci’s Faire is a day where our community’s coolest innovators showcase what they are working on. The day is filled with displays and hands-on activities by makers, innovators, robotic enthusiasts, engineers, designers and much more. While Microsoft fills the café with gaming and virtual reality opportunities, you’ll hear talks from scientists, engineers, authors, artists, students, and others.
Join life-long learners, creatives, geeks, business people, entrepreneurs, makers, inventors, investors, speakers, robotic enthusiasts, social gurus, information technology enthusiasts, educators, science & engineering people, gamers who dabble in the latest & greatest board games, IoT innovators, and much more.

Special display opportunities are available for makers, inventors, robotic enthusiasts and cool science & engineering projects. When you register, request a table (with power if needed) – only $10 reservation fee to display your projects! There is no cost for student robotics or drone teams, or student STEM displays. Your community would love to see what you are working on!

Please Help us Thank our Sponsors!!